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Create and collaborate on daily tasks with daily notifications and full reporting.
Manage projects and teams of all sizes, and create tasks directly from your website inquiries.
Task Express is an all in one task management system.

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please visit the Department of Health’s Covid-19 portal.

Create share and manage tasks with Task Expess

Create, share and manage tasks seamlessly

You can create, share tasks, attach files and get email notification. Task Express is cloud based so you can manage your tasks from anywhere. Simple and easy!

Task management software that creates daily notifications

Control to-do lists with daily notifications

See what’s on your daily agenda in one simple glance. Daily notifications are highlighted to show you what’s due and overdue, you will never miss a deadline again!

Generate tasks with Task Express

Generate tasks directly from your website

No more overloaded inboxes from website inquires. Have your inquires directed to the correct person seamlessly!

Task Express offers Free Updates & Support

We understand that in order for your business to run effectively, you need the best support from your service providers,
which is why we are continually upgrading Task Express. You can trust Task Express!

Automatically monitors your customer or support inbox.

System automatically assigns tasks to the correct staff members

Task Express is a Cloud based system and available anywhere.

Define groupings to match your company needs.

Summaries and history reports can be generated daily.

Permissions can be controlled and assigned to your various users.

Visualize your productivity

Task Express is software that allows you record the progress of tasks and follow them to completion.

  • Track all tasks within your business
  • Easily see who is responsible for a task
  • Manage tasks by due and overdue dates
  • Priority levels can be set on appropriate tasks
  • Use filters to create custom reports

Make sure the job gets done

All tasks and queries will be directed to the correct staff member within the assigned departments.

  • Access a full paper trail on each task.
  • View a detailed audit history per task, including actions and comments.
  • See where in the process your task is and who is responsible for that task.
  • Attach any type of files to your task including Excel, PDFs and images

What do you have to do today?

Your instant reminder! All users will receive a daily notification reminding them of their task responsibilities, and will highlighting any overdue tasks.

  • Each user receives daily notifications.
  • See which tasks are due and overdue.
  • Daily notifications are set to priority levels and colour-coded.

Management summary in a glance

At a single glance the task management overview allows you to see which departments have tasks assigned to them, which tasks have been closed and what is the total number of tasks within the system. One simple click on the department to see the task breakdown.

  • The display grid is very simple and efficient to manage.
  • See the total amount of tasks in the system.
  • See how many tasks are under each department.

About Task Express

Task Express caters to all industries, including software developers, IT help desks, customer service, manufacturers, retail, hospitality, property and other service providers.

Reduce admin, improve visibility of all tasks across your business, and give management the information needed to elevate your company’s productivity to a new level. Manage all your customer support, sales, enquiries and complaints in one centralized system.

Task Express is developed by KRS, a certified Microsoft Silver Partner.

  • Engage with your customers and improve customer satisfaction

  • Stay on track of tasks and issues

  • Empower Staff! Collaborate better as a business team

  • Increase productivity and turn around time

  • Generate tasks from your website

  • Pull reports and task histories on a daily basis

Man doing Task Express trial

Free Task Express trial – Simple and easy!

Generate Tasks directly from your Website

Task Express offers you the opportunity to test our software, as we understand that it is important to feel comfortable with the software you are investing in.

How do we get started on a Task Express trial?

  1. Ask us for a demo to establish if the system suits your business needs
  2. Send us your list of users, departments and categories
  3. We will upload your information and your trial is ready
  4. Simple and Easy!
Start your trial today

Task Express pricing to suit your business

Easy and simple payment options based on users. This includes FREE web hosting, FREE email support and FREE daily backups and ongoing new product features.


No Cost
  • 1 Month Trial
  • 1-10 Users
  • Free Hosting


R14000per user monthly
  • Unlimited Departments
  • 1-10 Users
  • Free Hosting


RR11500per user monthly
  • Unlimited Departments
  • 11-25 Users
  • Free Hosting


RR10500per user monthly
  • Unlimited Departments
  • 25+ Users
  • Free Hosting

Contact Task Express to improve your business productivity!

Task Express assists businesses throughout Southern Africa, giving them the ability to track tasks and issues seamlessly and effectively.

We understand that productivity is important. If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to manage your tasks, enquire about our free Task Express trial and let’s get you started.

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