Task Express offers Free Updates & Support:

 We understand that in order for your business to run effectively, you need the best support from your service providers, which is why we are continually upgrading Task Express. You can trust Task Express!


Task Express offers incredible features

  • Automatically monitors your customer or support inbox.

  • System automatically assigns tasks to the correct staff members.

  • Task Express is a Cloud based system and available anywhere.

  • Define groupings to match your company needs.

  • The display grid is very simple and efficient to manage.

  • Management keeps a full view across your business.

  • Summary’s and history reports can be generated daily.

  • Permissions can be controlled and assigned to your various users.

Access tasks from anywhere: Task Express is a Cloud based system that allows Management and Staff to access tasks and upload information anytime anywhere.

Visualize your productivity!

Task Express is software that allows you record the progress of tasks and follow them to completion.

  • Track all tasks within your business

  • You are easily able to see who is responsible for the task

  • Manage tasks due and overdue dates

  • Priority levels can be set on appropriate tasks

  • Use the filters to create custom reports

Making sure the job gets done!

All tasks and queries will be directed to the correct staff member within the assigned departments. 

  • You are able to see a full paper trail on each task.

  • Detailed audit history per task, including actions and comments.

  • You are able to see where in the process your task is and who is responsible for that task.

  • Attach any type of files to your task including Excel, Pdf’s and images

So what do you have to do today!

Your instant reminder! All users will receive a daily notification reminding them of their task responsibilities, and will hi-lighting any overdue tasks.

  • Each user receives daily notifications.

  • See which tasks are due and overdue.

  • Daily notifications are set to priority levels and colour coded.

Management summary in a glance!

At a single glance the task management overview allows you to see which departments have tasks assigned to them, which tasks have been closed and what is the total number of tasks within the system. One simple click on the department to see the task breakdown.

  • See the total amount of tasks in the system.

  • See how many tasks are under each department.

Task Express is developed by KRS Khanyisa Real Systems