A task management system that caters to all industries.

Task Express caters to all industries, including software developers, IT help desks, customer service, manufacturers, retail, hospitality, property and other service providers. 

Task Express has been assisting business throughout Southern Africa. Giving business the ability to track tasks and issues seamlessly and effectively.

Designed to reduce admin and improve visibility of all tasks across your business, and give management the information needed to elevate your company’s productivity to a new level. Manage all your customer support, sales, enquiries and complaints in one centralized system.

Developed by KRS a certified Microsoft Silver Partner.

  • Engage with your customers
  • Stay on track of tasks and issues
  • Collaborate better as a business team
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity and turn around time
  • Generate tasks from your website
  • Pull reports and task histories on a daily basis 
  • Empowers Staff

Watch the Task Express video, to see how your task management can be automated and simplified.